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    Welcome to Sports for Dorks Headquarters


    Good Morning Sports Dorks!

    It feels good to say that again. 

    As regular readers may have noticeed, we haven’t posted anything on our blog for nearly four months.  That’s seems a strange interlude after posting about 15 times per month for the past 20 months.  I even receoved a few emails from regular readers who wanted to know what had happened.  Things really got bad when earlier this month, our site went down because we did not renew our subscription with our host

    So now that I’ve aired a little dirty laundry, please allow me to explain the reason for my absence in particular. 

    A year ago almost to the day, I left my old day job in London where I was a managing director at a real estate investment firm.  The reasons for my departure are immaterial, but I had been looking to leave for some time with a view of starting a new firm - new people, new partners, fresh ideas, etc.   That outcome came to pass over the next several months, culminating in a deal that was finalized in February.

    During that transition, I was committed to maintaining the blog, even though more and more of my intellectual energies were being re-directed elsewhere.

    Once we launched our new business in February, time and other demands overwhelmed all of my free time, so much so that I was finding it difficult to read about sports, much less write about it.  As those of you who have started-up new businesses or taken a new role in a company well know, the first weeks and months are extremely challenging.  

    The other big change is that I moved from London to Atlanta, Georgia about seven weeks ago.  Let me tell you moving in itself is a time consuming affair, but moving overseas, especially back home, requires all the fortitude one is capable of mustering.  New house, furniture, schools, cars - you literally start from scratch.  Sure, I know, first-world problems.  And fair enough.  But that characterization doesn’t diminish the effort necessary to make a new start.

    So why didn’t I come clean and let everyone know rather than going cold turkey?

    I suppose I don’t have a great answer other than to say that one does not simply quit blogging.  Once you start, it’s hard to shake the habit.  For weeks I would make a note to write a blog entry in my daily to-do lists - there was simply no time.  I couldn’t admit to myself that I didn’t have time to focus on a project that I have grown to love.  In the end events dictated that I had to follow my head, and not my heart.

    In any event, here we are.  A lot has happened over these past four months, and the pause has actually given me some time to think about how to improve the site. 

    In subsequent posts, I’ll be outlining these thoughts in more detail, but in the main, I’ll be choosing four to five main themes and focusing on those over the year.  

    We won’t be writing about college athletes getting paid (yawn - they probably should), we won’t be talking about concussions (especially the way the NFLPA rolled over on their ‘settlement’) and we won’t be focusing on other de rigour controversies. 

    We will be writing about more interesting topics, such as - 1) how to buy a professional sports team; 2) innovations in sports; 3) the efficacy of drug testing in sport, 4) analytics that make us take note, and so on. 

    Those will be among some of our main themes, and we’ll do our best to bring you the best of what we see from the web.  So we’re back.  We’re here.  And the next chapter will soon be written.

    Have a great day Sports Dorks!


    We're Back!!

    Stay tuned…



    NFL Draft Order vs. Recruiting Rankings 2013

    Last year we tracked the NFL draft to analyze how succesful the college recruiting services were at predicting players’ future NFL draft success.  

    You can see our analysis of the 2012 draft here.  

    Well, as you have probably guessed, its that time of year again! 

    Not only will we provide you with the raw data and analysis for this year’s crop of draft picks, but we’ll also compare the performances of the recruiting services’ predictive abilities across the 2012 and 2013 drafts. 

    We base our analysis on’s rankings, not because we’re picking on, but because happens to have the most robust data tools ( and 24/7, we’re looking at you).

    This blog post will evolve over the weekend as the draft moves forward, and keeping up with draft’s progress will be tall order for me as I will be on the road throughout the weekend. 

    Nevertheless, duty calls!

    Editors Note:  Based on our analysis of the first two rounds, (and likely the rest of the recruiting services) are performing worse than last year - you can thank the slew of athletes who took unconventional routes to football for that.  

    As hard as it may seem to believe, there actually are athletes that exist outside of the recruiting service hosted ‘talent camps.’

    Round 4 Update:  (I’m behind, I know. Notable observation: 18 five-stars through four rounds compared to 9 five-stars through four rounds in 2012.  I wish I had been in town over the weekend - I would have been killing it on twitter!!). 

    Round 1: Draft Selection and College Recruiting Ranking by Player

    Round 2: Draft Selection and College Recruiting Ranking by Player

    Round 3: Draft Selection and College Recruiting Ranking by Player

    Round 4: Draft Selection and College Recruiting Ranking by Player


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